The horse’s skin may occasionally be affected by parasites, fungus, pathogenic microbes, sweet itch, allergens and metabolic imbalances. Dermal Skin & Allergy is a scientifically formulated Functional Food designed to support skin health and immune system health at all times.
Carefully selected natural ingredients within Dermal Skin & Allergy support cellular immune health within the skin and whole body, and supports tissue anti-oxidant activity. Scientific research shows that these ingredients are associated with improved skin condition and a healthy coat..
Health Science for your Horse™

Approved in Canada as a Veterinary Health Product NN.Q0R0
ALL Ingredients are GRAS approved for use in animal supplements in the EU and USA

“Equine skin conditions are often difficult to diagnose and frustrating to treat, with causes ranging from fungus to allergens to who knows what.”

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

• Golden Flaxseed- ALA (beneficial fatty acid)
• Proprietary yeast source of nucleotides, peptides and amino acids
• Saccharomyces cerevisiae
• Omega-3 rTG, EPA+ DHA (from fish oil)
• Ganoderma lucidum
• Freeze Dried Melon rich in SOD and Catalase
• Lalmin® Vita D® yeast

Crude Protein: 26%
Total Fat: 10%
Crude Fibre: 5%
Ash: 3%
Moisture: 6%

Feeding Instructions:
One scoop (10g) mixed into the feed (not hay), add water and ideally allow to soak for 30 minutes before feeding. Dry feeds should be wetted to minimise the risk of choke.

Daily Serving:
2 scoops per day with the feed for the first 10 days.
Thereafter 1 scoop per day for as long as needed, with the advice of a veterinarian.

A feed supplement for horses not intended for food. Store in a cool dry place, keep out of direct sunlight. Reapply lid after use.
Consult your veterinarian if using medication or for general advice.

Product Size:


Dermal Support is a unique “Functional Food” designed to assist your veterinarian in helping to provide a nutritional environment for supporting a healthy skin and coat. Various skin conditions can affect most horses at some stage throughout their life.

One of the following may be causing an abnormality with your horse’s skin and coat which should be investigated.
• Fleas
• Sweetitch
• Seasonal allergies
• Food allergies
• Stress or boredom
• Metabolic or hormonal problems

Using Dermal Support:
• Help to support a healthy coat and skin condition
• Help to localised itching and scratching
• Help to support / modulate the immune system.

Equine skin conditions are often difficult to diagnose and frustrating to treat, with causes ranging from fungus to allergens to who knows what.
Once the integrity of a horse’s skin is compromised, it is not only the site of the irritation that’s a problem, but the general health of the horse, since the immune barrier has been breached.
Skin diseases in horses are prevalent throughout the year, although some may be seasonal. They may be due to infectious agents (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) or environmental irritants.

By knowing what may be triggering a horse’s skin condition, you can determine the best treatment option to help alleviate discomfort and bring the horse back to optimal health.
Dermal Support works systemically to allow the natural defence mechanisms to help manage the source of the problem, it is safe to use in conjunction with most medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

Free radicals are formed daily which are damaging to the whole body. Antioxidants act as scavengers to prevent cell and tissue damage.
Down regulates oxidative stress, support a balanced immune system, which respond to allergens or infections.

Omega 3 is required for synthesis of inter cellular connecting substances. The long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA) and (DHA) are important in generating bioactive lipid mediators important in helping reduce inflammation.

These are required to maintain a healthy gut environment where most of the body’s immune system is located.

Advanced Dermal Support